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Let 'Em Ride Strategy

Let ‘Em Ride is an online poker game where the player must make the decision to bet or to simply Let ‘Em Ride. Each bet comes with its own strategy, which you should definitely use as a Let ‘Em Ride reference guide.

Bet #1
Let ‘Em Ride When You Have:

A winning hand with a pair of tens or better.
A Three-Card Royal Flush
A Three-Card Straight Flush

Bet #2
Let ‘Em Ride When You Have:

A Winning Hand – Pair of Tens or Better
A Four Card Royal or Straight Flush
A Four Card Flush
Four High Cards
A Four Card Open Ended Straight
A Four Card Open Ended Straight

The Side Bet

Let ‘Em Ride includes a special side bet where players can earn extra cash.  Anytime a player chooses to take part in the bet a bonus paytable will appear where players will be paid out generously for specific hands.   Is it recommended? Well, that certainly depends on the player but I recommend placing a minimal bet so you can get a feel for it and decide whether its worth it or not.