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Tri-Card Strategy

Online Tri-Card Poker is an online casino game where players attempt to form a winning poker hand with the cards they are dealt.  Within the game you’ll find a few bets including the Ante, Raise and the Pair Plus. Learning how to place these bets requires a bit of strategy, which I will outline below. The key of the game is to be aware of winning poker hands as well as learning how to place the proper bets.

Ante and Play Strategy

When placing the Ante bet a player needs to know which hands are the most favorable. In this case, hands higher than Q-6-4 are ideal.  Anything lower isn’t worth it. Hands between Q64 through KQ10 will generally give you a negative outcome.

Pair Plus Strategy

A common recommendation for the Pair Plus bet is to bet conservatively until you have gained some traction and accumulated winnings.  A safe approach is to bet two units on Ante/Play and one unit on Pair Plus or equal bets.