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Video Poker Strategy

Online video poker is a combination of both slot machines and the game of poker where you use skill to advance and win. The great thing about online video poker is that the house edge is much lower than your average slot machine so it’s up to you to use your poker skills to get ahead. I have put together a few valuable strategies for you to use when playing online video poker; just make sure to use them so you get the most out of the game and the highest payouts.

Know Your Game

There are quite a few versions of online video poker available from most casinos so it’s important to be aware of the rules of each version as well as the payout table. Each video poker game offers slightly different payouts so it is in your best interests to stay informed.

Practice Your Poker Hands

One of the best ways to get ahead is to be aware of all winning poker hands and their value.  The highest hand will always be a Royal Flush followed by a Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs and a Pair.

Don't Keep a Kicker

A kicker is a high card that you keep with your pair because you think that it will help add value to your hand.  In video poker you are not playing against an opponent so there is no need to keep the kicker card.